Application Examples and Video of Automatic Lubricators for Grease Applications

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Automatic lubricators have significant advantages. 

  • Safety - a key advantage as your employees are not put in harms way while lubricating equipment while in use, accessing confined spaces or climbing around dangerous equipment.
  • Efficiency - have your maintenance crew working on more important activities than lubrication routes
  • Equipment Reliability - the proper amount of the correct lubricant at the right time will increase up time.  No more missed lubrication intervals

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Below are examples of actual applications where automatic lubricators were used in different applications:

Wastewater Treatment Plant:

Wood Processing Industry:

Jaw Crusher At A Stone Quarry:

Front Loader:

Mobile Crushing & Screening Plant:

Automatic Lubrication of Pumps:

Glass Production:


Conveyor Belt Drum Assembly:




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