Bearing Heater and Tool Rental Program

Professional Bearing Tools is happy to offer several bearing induction heaters, pullers and other tools as rentals for those that need them for single or short term use.

How it works:

The renter will pay up front for the full cost of the heater or tool and a shipping and handling charge that will cover the shipment of the product to the renter and a return shipping label back to Professional Bearing Tools.

The minimum duration of the rental is 1 week.  The clock on the rental begins when UPS delivers the rented heater or tool at the renters location and ends when UPS picks up the item.  Time over one week is charged by the day at the prorated weekly rate.

Upon return receipt of the rented item and inspection for damage, the renter will have a refund to the credit card for the difference in the initial payment made and the final rental rate.

A signed rental agreement and credit card payment is required.

Current Heaters & Tools Available for Rental:

Cone Bearing Heater - click for product details

Toolbox Bearing Induction Heater (up to 44 lbs.) - click for product details

Shop Style Bearing Heater (up to 110 lbs.) click for product details

Kukko K-54-B Double-Edged Nut Splitter Set click for product details


Contact us through the form below for more details and rental pricing information.  We are willing to expand the range of tools offered for rent based on demand - please let us know your interests.