Lumax LX-1387 15 oz. (450 mL), Fluid Extractor / Dispenser


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Fluid Extractor / Dispenser


  • Simple Syringe-Action to Quickly and Cleanly Extract or Dispense Fluids Into or Out of Small Reservoirs.

  • Ideal for Filling or Removing Brake Fluid, Anti-Freeze, Power Steering Fluids, Gear Oil from Master Cylinders, Transaxles and Power Steering or Coolant Reservoirs prior to Bleeding, Fluid Changes or Repairs.

  • Lightweight and Easy-to-Clean, they feature a Flexible Tube for Accessing Reservoirs and includes a Non-Drip Cap.

  • Perfect for a Variety of Fluid Exchange Applications in Auto, Garage, Home, Industrial, and Marine Use

 Maximum Fluid Temperature: 140ºF (60ºC)

  • Capacity: 15 oz. (450 mL)
  • Length: 14.6" (370 mm)

  • Width: 3.6" (75 mm)

  • Hose Extension: 5/16" x 16" (8 mm x 400 mm)

  • Weight: 15 oz. (440 g)

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