Simatool FT-P Large Bearing Installation Kit For Use With Presses


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The Fitting Tool FT-P, in combination with a mechanical press, guarantees the correct assembly of components with an inside diameter greater than 50 mm.
The FT-P is the ideal solution for installations requiring high mounting forces, since the tool can be used on presses. It thus allows installations that could not be performed by striking with a hammer.

  • 1 sleeve and 6 rings
  • 1  FT-P DC adapter ring
  • The perfect solution for pressing in or on bearings or other ring-shaped components

Product Data Sheet

The only product designed for use with presses

High-quality rings made of aluminum, high contact accuracy with press forces up to 5 ton

Ideal supplement to the tried and tested simatool Fitting Tool FT 33

Ships in 1 to 3 days from order.

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