BETEX BearingChecker BC200 Bearing Condition Monitoring Meter


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BEARING CHECKER                                                


Bearing Checker is unique, light and compact instrument for bearing condition measurements. Besides shock pulses, the Bearing Checker measures machine surface temperature with infrared light, and can also be used as an electronic stethoscope for listening to machine sounds.

The instrument can be used on most rotating machinery, such as electric motors, fans and pumps, in a diversity of industrial environments.

Machine breakdowns are frequently caused by bearing damage. Timely failure prediction and detection is key to improving equipment and component reliability and cutting operating costs.

Unplanned downtime, as well as unnecessary repair work, can be significantly reduced by periodically checking bearing condition.

  • Results can be stored for documentation and follow-up or connect to a PC for further processing of the data.
  • Readings are automatically evaluated against standards ISO 2372 or ISO 10816.
  • Light and compact-sized for vibration measurement in the 10-1000 Hz frequency range.
  • Measurement results are immediately and automatically evaluated against ISO standards.
  • Industrial housing (IP65)
  • Convenient key operation and large display

Complete system includes:

  • Bearing Checker
  • USB-cable
  • Quick-start
  • Batteries

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