BETEX Cone Heater CHU 120V


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For heating bearings, enabling easy mounting by means of shrink fitting.

Ships in 1 to 3 days from order.

A correct mounting method extends bearing life. Electric heating is a safe alternative to traditional methods such as hammering, oil baths or even blow torches!  

Also suitable for heating gears, bushes, cogwheels, couplings and other round metal workpieces.

The affordable alternative!

If your budget is limited then the BETEX Cone Heater is an affordable alternative to other heating systems. It is easy to use and suitable for a variety of sizes. The aluminum body is light weight and ensures fast even heating.

Advantages CHU:

  • Easy-to-use, just plug in and switch on
  • Light weight, easy to move around
  • Reliable & flexible
  • Safe & clean operation

230V model also available.

Technical Specification:


Power 725W
Frequency Hz 50/60 Hz
Max. weight 11 - 15.5 lbs (5 - 7kg)
Min. Internal Diameter 3/8" (10mm)
Max. Internal Diameter 8.1" (203mm)
Max Outside Diameter 12" (305mm)
Dimensions 14.4"x8.6"x9.4" (365mmx220mmx240mm)
Heater Weight 5.73 lbs. (2.6 kg)


Diameters of each Ring (Intermediate sizes will also fit)

Inch mm
0.39 10
0.59 15
1.26 32
2.05 52
3.03 77
4.13 105
5.31 135
6.30 160
7.99 203

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