BETEX Impact 33 Bearing Fitting Tool Set

BETEX Impact 33 Bearing Fitting Tool Set


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Cold mounting, or mechanical mounting for small and medium sized bearings. This fitting tool set has been specially designed for quick, accurate, damage free and safe mounting of bearings with a bore varying from 10 to 50 mm.

Also for  bushings, sealing rings etc.

Typically Ships in 1 to 3 days

IMPACT 33 consists of :

  • 33 rings
  • 3 impact sleeves (alu)
  • dead-blow hammer
  • carrying case
  • for bore 10 to 50mm and O.D. 26 - 110mm
  • suitable for 375 different bearings
  • weight: 4,8 kg

Your benefits:

  • Quick, precise and safe mounting
  • No more damage to shafts, bearing houses or sealing rings
  • Extended life cycle of bearings
  • The impact resistant plastic collets are made of unbreakable sheet material, contrary to easily breaking injection molded collets.
  • The collet numbers are clearly engraved and marked, to avoid mistakes.

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