Fixturlaser Pulley Alignment Tool


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The PAT pulley alignment laser is the definitive solution for all your pulley alignment jobs!

Because the belts' grooves are used as reference points, you can see instantly whether the pulleys are correctly aligned or not.

The PAT is supplied with two spring-loaded laser units that can be mounted in the pulley grooves.

The PAT also has standard tapers allowing the lasers to be mounted on most standard gauges.

The use of two laser units makes it very easy for the user to determine the adjustment required, e.g. whether to correct a parallel error or an angular error.

You can see in no time whether your pulleys are correctly aligned. Alignment is just as easy as mounting the laser units. Simply switch on the lasers and view the laser unit on the other pulley.        

The laser projects a line on the upper surface of the opposing laser unit, mounted on the 'target' as shown to the left. If required, the machine can be aligned in such a way that the laser on both units hits the 'target'.

Complete System Includes: 

2 boxes of V-guides to match standard sheave groove sizes

2 laser transmitters

4 AAA batteries

Storage and carry case

Technical Specs:

Housing Material Extruded Aluminum
Dimensions 2.4" x 3" x 2.4"
Weight 3.3 lbs (measuring unit - 12 oz)
Laser 630 nm - 680 nm Class 2 diode laser
Laser line fan angle 90 degrees
Measuring distance 2" to 20 feet
Measurement Accuracy Better than .2 degrees
Pulley Diameter Range 3" minimum and larger
Pulley Belt Groove Width .23" to 1.57"
Power Supply 2 AAA batteries
Operating Time 20 hours continuous operation

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