K Tool International KTI 70304 4" Reversible GearPuller, 5-Ton, 3 Jaw


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4" Reversible GearPuller, 5-Ton, 3 Jaw


  • Reversible jaws feature a wide face on one end and a narrow face on the other - it's like two tools in one
  • Grip tightens as pressure is applied
  • Manufactured with heat-treated, drop-forged, alloy steel
  • Spread: 7"; reach: 3-1/4"
  • Weight: 3.1 lb

Reversible jaw pullers allow technicians to handle a wider range of applications. Rather than purchasing two pullers -- an inner and an outer -- reversible pullers work with bearing wheels, air pulleys, gear pulleys and more. Reversible pullers are also designed to provide greater pressure as jaws tighten around the part, facilitating removal. KTI’s reversible pullers, manufactured from alloy, heat-treated steel, range in size from 3”-6” with two- to five-ton capacities.

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