Kukko 17-C Separating Set with quick clamp (1" to 6 1/8" OD)

Kukko Quality Tools

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For removing ball bearings, roller bearings, inner races and other tight parts if there is not enough space to use pulling hooks.


  • 4-parts, the sets contain one separator, one pulling device and a pair of extensions.
  • With quick-clamping pressure spindle.
  • The sharp blades enable flush parts to be removed where pulling jaws cannot be used


  • Easy to use, as the separator jaws are quickly and centrally tensioned with just one pressure spindle.
  • Ultimate stability when removing, as the separator and pulling device are screwed firmly together.
  • Practical package for universal use.

OD range: 1" to 6 1/8"

Pulling Reach: 5 5/8" to 15 3/4"


How it Works

  • The wedge-shaped separator jaws are secured underneath the component to be removed.
  • The separator jaws are prepared by tightening the nuts on the side bolts in equal measure.
  • Separate the part by tightening the quick clamping pressure spindle.
  • The flat surfaces of the separator blades are used to remove sensitive parts without damaging them. The separator blades provide a larger supporting surface to prevent the parts from twisting.
  • For removal, the tension bolts on the pulling device have to be screwed into the separator.


17-3 Separator

18-3 Pulling Device

19-3-P Extensions (2) for pulling device

Supplied in Kukko Metal Box

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