Kukko 30-30+ Universal 3 jaw puller with quick adjusting jaws (internal and external)

Kukko Quality Tools

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For removing bearings, gears, discs, etc.


  • Standard pulling hook with quick adjusting capability by tightening thumb screws.
  • Parallel pulling hooks in every position, even with full load.
  • Pulling hooks with infinitely variable adjustment on the cross-beam.


  • A manual adjustment knurl allows rapid loosening and adjusting of the extractor jaws on the cross-beam without using a wrench.
  • Can be installed on various pulling hooks and variable reach thanks to jaw extensions.
  • Turning the pulling hooks enables them to be used both internally and externally.

External Pulling Max. Diameter - 13 3/4"

Internal Pulling Diameter Range - 7 1/8" to 17 3/8"

Pulling Reach - 7 7/8"

Pulling Force - 11 tons

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