Kukko 54-2 Double-edged mechanical nut splitter (3/8" to 1 - 1/16")

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Double-edged models exerting twice the normal splitting force on irretrievable nuts in quality classes 5, 6 and 8.  Cuts both sides of nuts at the same time!

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  • Two hardened chisel cutting edges.
  • Gently turn the chisel in the other direction by pulling back.


  • One operation through double cutting action.
  • Splitting nuts can be done without damaging the threaded bolt.
  • The nut splitter's band provides additional support when turning the chisel back.

Nut OD range: 3/8" to 1 - 1/16" (10mm to 27mm)

M Nut Sizes: 6-18

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