Kukko K-2030-10+ Universal 2 and 3 jaw puller set with quick adjusting pulling jaws

Kukko Quality Tools

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For removing bearings, gears, discs, etc.


  • 8 in 1 kit in the tried-and-tested Kukko L-Boxx System.
  • The set facilitates the assembly of eight different pulling device models through the combination of pulling jaws and extensions.
  • Flexibility assured thanks to two-arm or three-arm design.


  • Practical package for universal use.
  • Variable reach thanks to optional jaw extensions.
  • Turning the pulling hooks enables them to be used both internally and externally.

How it works

  • The part due to be removed (e.g. a gear, pulley or ball bearing) is gripped from the outside. Tightening of the pressure screw and the resulting pressure removes the part from the shaft.
  • The puller must be positioned centrally for center shafts. If the shaft is not sitting centrally, the parts can be removed asymmetrically with pullers with parallel pulling hooks.

External Pulling Max Diameter - 5 1/8"

Internal Pulling Diameter Range - 2 3/4" to 7 1/8"

Pulling Reach - 3 7/8" to 13 3/4"

4.5 ton pulling pressure


30-10-T Cross Beam, 614250 Mechanical Pressure Spindle, 1-92-E Jaws, individual, 1-192-S 3 quick adjusting jaws (set), 1-252-S 3 quick adjusting jaws (set), 20-10+ Universal 2 jaw puller with quick adjusting jaws

Supplied in Kukko L-Boxx

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