Kukko K-22-A Bearing Extracting Set With Counterstay and Slide Hammer

Kukko K-22-A Bearing Extracting Set With Counterstay and Slide Hammer (Bore Range - 1/4" to 1 3/16")

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For extracting inner bearings, bearing outer rings and bushings.  Bore ranging from 1/4" to 1 3/16".

Product Data Sheet


  • Use of the internal extractor in combination with slide hammers or counter stays.
  • The 2-shell design with extra large grasp edges ensures safe extraction.
  • The internal extractors are equipped with an internal safety stop to protect against excess spreading and overloading.


Internal Extractors - 21-00, 21-02, 21-2, 21-4

Slide Hammer - 22-0 with G-22 handle

Counterstay - 22-1 with adapter M7 / M10


  • Practical package for universal use.
  • Thanks to the Kukko modular system, the counterstay and the sliding hammer can be combined and subsequently completed with segmented internal extractors, needle bearing extractors, threaded inserts, etc.
  • The arms on the counter supports are easy-to-adjust thanks to an internal spring mechanism. (size 1 to 3)

How it works

  • Screw the internal extractor or the threaded insert into the component.
  • For removal, the spindle on the counter support is screwed onto the internal extractor or the threaded pin.
  • Counter support's arms must not block the part due to be removed. Make sure that the arms are parallel.
  • Hold on to the T-grip and at the same time use the jaw wrench to tighten the nuts above the cross-beam until the component has been loosened from its position.
  • For removal, the threaded rod on the slide hammer is screwed onto the key spindle on the internal extractor or threaded insert using the adapter.

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