Kukko K-58-M05-M10 Thread Repair Set

Kukko Quality Tools

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  • Fully-equipped with drill holder, 4 drills, 4 cutters, 4 thread cutters, 4 insertion tools and organic multi-oil spray.
  • For metric threads M5, M6, M8 and M10.
  • The original insert sleeve from the USA is made from a solid steel bushing manufactured from whole material.


  • The shape of the bushing prevents unscrewing.
  • The bond eliminates the need for additional mounting in the workpiece and provides stability without extra space requirement.
  • Also capable of repairing short and small threads.

How it Works

  • Drill out the old threading.
  • Counter-sink the borehole.
  • Cut the counter thread.
  • Screw in the threaded bushing.
  • Important: Use multi-oil to ensure that the workpiece is well-lubricated during the process.

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