Kukko K-70-C "Pullpo" ball bearing puller set (combined K-70-A & K-70-B)

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To remove grooved ball bearings without causing damage and without having to dismantle the shaft.

For bearing sizes: 6000-6020; 6200-6212; 6300-6311; 6403-6408

User Instructions


  • With this puller, grooved ball bearings that are simultaneously located on a shaft and in a casing can be quickly and easily removed.
  • Puller is self-tensioning and easy to handle.
  • Pulling jaws specifically developed for precise mounting in bearing tracks for optimal support and better extension force.


  • Puller is self-tensioning and easy to handle.
  • Simple, self-explanatory use with a small number of individual components.
  • Simple mounting of the pulling jaws with 90° rotation in the cross-beam.

Housed in Kukko L-Boxx

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