Dowel Pin Puller Kukko KS-22-01 Set of Slide Hammer and Metric Adapters

Kukko Quality Tools

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For extracting bushings and components with threads (dowel-pins, parallel-keys, bolts, etc.).  Metric Slide Hammer.

Slide hammer with set of metric adapters for internal and external threads in carrying case.

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Also available with Inch Adapters - KS-22-01 UNC


KS-22-01-GH Slide hammer
GA12-3 Adapter M12 / M3
GA12-4 Adapter M12 / M4
GA12-5 Adapter M12 / M5
GA12-6 Adapter M12 / M6
GA12-8 Adapter M12 / M8
GA12-10 Adapter M12 / M10
VM12-1516 female adapter M12 / 15x16G
VM12-10 female adapter M12 / M10
VM12-7 female adapter M12 / M7

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