Simatool BP61 Deep Groove Ball Bearing Extractor Tool


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Product Data Sheet

Easily remove ball bearings from housings and shafts without access behind the bearing!

    • Specially formed pulling arms grab the outer ring of the bearing to facilitate pulling the bearing
    • Pulls bearings sizes from:
      • 6000 - 6020
      • 6200 - 6217
      • 6300 - 6313
      • 6403 - 6410
    • Pull sealed bearings by removing seal

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With the extractor tool BP 61, deep groove ball bearings can be removed from the shaft. It is also equally suited for removing bearings from just a shaft. Even sealed bearings can be dismounted once the seal is removed. The hooks of the puller arms are placed in the outer ring. The tool set can be used with 61 different kinds of deep groove ball bearings with diameters of 10 to 100 mm.

The hooks of the puller arms latch directly into the outer raceway and support themselves on the shoulder of the inner ring, creating a secure hold and optimal power transfer

The hooks are spring-mounted onto the puller arms so that they can easily fit into the bearing

The high-quality steel puller arms are resilient and intended for long lasting use

The elastic locking ring simplifies tool set-up and holds the puller arms in position during extraction

A selection chart is integrated into the tool case

Ships in 1 to 3 days from order.


6 sets of puller arms 

2 spindles

tool case

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