Simatool MK 10-30 Bearing Maintenance Kit


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Product Data Sheet

Enables a quick, precise and secure mounting and dismounting of most common bearings.
For mounting, a multi functional fitting tool with impact sleeve and impact rings is included, which is suitable for the mounting of bearings with a bore diameter from 10 to 30 mm as well as bushings, seals, belt pulleys or similar products.
For dismounting, a three-armed bearing puller is included. With the five attached puller arm sets, the puller even fits bearings with a bore diameter up to 85 mm.

  • All pieces are neatly arranged in the carrying case so that they can be easily found
  • The right combination of impact ring and sleeve ensures that the mounting forces never go through the rolling elements of a bearing, which minimizes bearing damage due to incorrect installation
  • The impact rings are made of high-strength modified resin. The impact sleeves are made of anodized aluminum, which is robust, stable and very light
  • A complete set of different-sized puller arms and spindles simplifies the dismounting process of deep groove ball bearings
  • The hooks were specially developed to be mounted in the raceway of the bearing. This offers an optimal hold and allows for greater dismounting power
  • The flexible locking ring makes the assembly of the puller arms with the spindle simple

Ships in 1 to 3 days from order.

The tool case contains

  • The mounting tool set consists of 2 impact sleeves, 21 impact rings and a dead blow hammer with nylon impact surfaces and a rubber handle
  • The dismounting tool set contains 5 puller arm sets, 2 threaded spindles and a slide hammer
  • For shaft diameters measuring from 10–30 mm

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