Simatool FT33 Bearing Installation Fitting Tool Kit


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Product Data Sheet

The simatool bearing fitting tools are designed for the fast, precise and secure mounting of bearings with bore diameters from 10 to 50 mm. The right combination of impact rings and impact sleeves makes sure that the mounting forces never go through the rolling elements of a bearing. The Fitting Tool FT 33 is for careful mounting of roller bearings and radial shaft seals.

Ships in 1 to 3 days from order.

  • The kit includes 33 impact rings, 3 impact sleeves, 1 non-rebound hammer
  • No mechanical damage of the bearing
  • Also suitable for the mounting of sleeves, sealing rings, pulleys and much more
  • For shaft diameters measuring from 10–50 mm
  • or mounting bearings either on shafts, in housings or both at the same time
  •  Inner and outer diameters of the impact rings are perfectly compatible with the dimensions of the ball bearings
  •  Extremely impact-resistant material means high longevity for impact rings and sleeves
  • The impact rings lock securely into the impact sleeve, preventing independent detachment
  • Also suitable for installing bushings, seals, pulleys, etc.
  • Impact rings, impact sleeves and hammer are also available separately

Contact us if you want to build a custom set for specific bearing sizes.

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